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The Norton antivirus blog is a person of the very most visited weblogs online today. It has been created and managed by Keynote Ltd., a great IT alternatives company operating out of Britain. One of the reasons why it is so popular is due to the excellent content that is put up there. Keynote also posts a free weekly news update, which you can find for Norton’s site. The malware blog article writer, Kevinoker, has got covered various areas of fascination for computer users, both computer experts plus the average person.

The Norton ant-virus blog generally delves in topics that happen to be often regarded as being controversial. In one particular document, Kevinoker talks about the new case of Linda Ellis, who was hacked into her home computer and had every single piece of her personal data stolen. The post also describes what sort of computer qualified who is employed by Norton serious that the disease that caused this situation wasn’t even Norton antivirus. This information brought a whole lot of focus on the Norton brand name, due to the fact that this is a very common problem for many users.

Of course , periodically the Norton antivirus weblog will have a controversial matter, but generally they are edited in a way to help make the reader feel more comfortable with using the product. In fact , many readers of the blog believe that Keynote is designed for sale, as it is a openly funded business. However , Norton did promote a version of its ant-virus software into a company known as Mcafee. If you want the latest edition, you will have to get it through Norton. The company does indeed change the program quite frequently since it is in demand. A lot of articles comprise recommendations for completely different versions, such as Panda.

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